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21 November, 2006

Over 50s are the most adventurous caravanners

Caravanners over 50 years old are much more likely to holiday abroad than younger caravanners, according to a survey by Saga.

Ten per cent of the over 50s travel to France in their caravans on a regular basis, compared to just two per cent of under 50s. However, the majority of caravanners still choose to holiday in the UK.  Statistics can prove anything and it more likely that the over 50s have more spare time to travel further afield.

Freedom is the main reason why the over 50s go caravanning, although one in four say they do so because of the community feel of campsites. One quarter of over 50s surveyed stated low cost as the main reason they go on caravanning holidays.

'Caravanning is a great way for over 50s to have total freedom over their holiday arrangements,' said Andrew Goodsell, chief executive of Saga.

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