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31 December, 2006

Are you offsetting your Carbon footprint?

Caravans and caravanning are actually a pretty green way of holidaying and generally most of our spending is done in the UK.  The majority of caravans used in the UK are from UK manufacturers and have a considerable lifespan.  However,  we do tend to tow with more powerful cars that may have a greater than average CO2 output.

One nice way to compensate for this is using a carbon offset plan.  By purchasing a plan from one of the more reputable companies you effectively offset your CO2 output by the plan being invested in renewable energy projects such as biomass projects and increasing industrial efficiency.  This isn't a licence to pollute of course, just a responsible way to put something back to balance our everyday energy consumption.

One such company in the USA offering schemes such as this is www.terrapass.com

Terrapass enables you to calculate your vehicle's CO2 emmissions based on model and annual mileage.  You can then buy an annual plan to offset your carbon footprint.  To prove you are a responsible citizen you will receive stickers etc. for your vehicle.  It is surprisingly reasonable and the company has a good reputation in the USA, Ford being one of its latest customers.

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