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17 April, 2007

Kids and Caravanning

Having just come back from a glorious few days away with the family, it made me think why caravanning is such a great way to "get away" with the kids.  One thing that most of us say about our children is that they don't get the freedom that we had when we were young.  We worry about their safety and modern living restricts their freedom to play outside without supervision.

The great thing about a caravan holiday or break is that the kids get a chance to play outside on their own and they normally have the chance to make new friends.  The site environment is as safe as can be these days and the lack of fast moving traffic means another worry is dispelled.  At the site we were on recently, the den that was built and the giant game of tag that ensued gladened my heart and reminded me of my more care free childhood.  Of course, with this freedom comes responsibilty but given strict guidelines, the kids normally behave and don't distrurb other residents.  As most parents are happy if the kids are happy, caravanning does seem a great way to get a relaxing few days away from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

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