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14 September, 2007

Swift offer AL-KO ATC system as an option on most ranges

The Swift Group has announced it will be offering the new AL-KO Automatic Trailer Control System (ATC) as either a manufacturer fitted or dealer fitted option on all of the company’s 2008 models in the Abbey, Ace, Sterling, Swift and Sprite ranges.

The ATC system, which is designed to improve safety in a similar way to car electronic stability control systems, is only activated when normal control is marginal or lost. It detects excessive lateral movement in the caravan and gently applies the trailer’s brakes until stability is restored.

It does not replace the AL-KO AKS stabiliser, which is designed to improve outfit stability at speed, and is fitted as standard to most Swift products.

 “Our own testing and customer experience tells us that all Swift Group caravans are inherently safe and stable and instability is very rare, therefore, we have currently decided not to fit the system as standard,” Swift Product Director, Steve Trossell commented.

 However, for those owners wanting to specify the new system, it can be fitted to all the new Swift Challenger, Abbey GTS, Sterling Eccles and Ace Award models and all 08 plated models in the remaining Swift, Abbey, Sterling and Ace ranges. It is also available as a dealer fit option on the Sprite range.

 The cost of having the system fitted will be £399.50 including VAT.

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