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10 May, 2009

Lifeboat rescues caravan

Lifeboatmen have made one their most unusual rescues - towing a caravan to safety. Kinghorn Lifeboat was called out by the Coastguard on 3 May after the caravan, which had been pushed into the water by a gang of youths, was reported floating near Cockenzie Power Station on the Firth of Forth.

When the lifeboat arrived on scene the caravan was floating just a few metres offshore, and two RNLI crewmen entered the water to check that nobody was trapped. The caravan proved to be empty but attempts to push it ashore failed, so the Atlantic 75 lifeboat towed it in to deeper water and along to an area of beach near the slipway at Cockenzie for recovery.

"This must be a first for the RNLI," said lifeboat helmsman Scott McIlravie, "I doubt we will have been called out to tow a caravan before, but it certainly would have posed a danger to passing vessels if it hadn't been brought ashore."

from Motor Boats Monthly

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