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20 June, 2009

Save the World - Buy a Caravan!

At Green Transport Week gets underway, the National Caravan Council (NCC) claims that the current boom in UK caravan holidays could save literally thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Bookings to caravan parks in the UK are currently up by around 25 per cent while passenger numbers at UK airports have slumped. The NCC believes that many of those new to caravanning have switched from taking a European trip, choosing instead to holiday in Britain, while existing caravanners are 'staycationing'.

A return flight to Europe produces between 250 kgs and 500 kgs of CO2 (depending on distance and age/type of aircraft) per person. However, four people travelling 250 miles in an average sized petrol car towing a medium sized caravan would only create 38 kgs of CO2 emissions per person – and even less in a diesel car - resulting in significant savings.

Director General of the NCC, John Lally, says: "We believe people are changing their holidaying habits. We know that new people are being attracted to caravanning. We also know that many existing caravanners are choosing to holiday closer to home.

"Caravan enthusiasts have a high level of "green" awareness compared to the public in general. They often choose cycling and walking once they have arrived at their destination and are already more likely to be using energy efficient products. This week saw the launch of a carbon offsetting policy for caravan owners from leisure insurance specialist, Towergate Bakers.

"We really want to get the message out that not only does caravanning support rural economies, but it allows you to control costs, get back to nature and to choose a greener holiday option."

Other 'green' aspects of caravanning include:

- 95 per cent of touring caravans on UK roads are actually made in Britain

- In many caravan parks, great attention is paid to protecting the environment, with e.g. use of solar power to heat communal shower blocks, wildlife areas, recycling points etc.

- Water and power usage during the holiday is often less than in a hotel.

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