20 May, 2010

Touring caravan owners warned of dangers of unchecked tyres

With an estimated 500,000 touring caravans in use  , the    NCC    (National Caravan Council) is advising owners to check the condition of tyres before every journey, to ensure both their safety and that of other road users.    Particular attention should be paid to the age of the tyres.

This advice is because caravan tyres do not tend to wear out due to high mileage like car tyres. However, the rubber degrades due to exposure to UV radiation from sunlight and other weather conditions.    Therefore even if the tyres do not appear to be worn, it is recommended that they are replaced seven years from the date they were manufactured.  

To identify the tyre's age, owners can check the Date of Manufacture Code which is printed on the tyre. The code is four digits, for example '1807' which would indicate the tyre was manufactured in the 18 th  Week of 2007. When replacing tyres also ensure that they are correctly rated for the maximum plated weight of the caravan.


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